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Arcana Mystique Coptic Handmade Journal

Arcana Mystique Coptic Handmade Journal

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Unlock the secrets of the stars and the stories of your soul with our "Arcana Mystique" Coptic Handmade Journal. Adorned with the iconic imagery of celestial tarot, this journal is a mystic’s treasure, perfect for those who seek to document life’s journeys through the lens of the cosmos.

Crafted with the planet in mind, each page of this journal is composed of 120gsm recycled paper waste, promising an eco-friendly canvas for your writings and drawings. The robust, textured pages are thoughtfully bound with Coptic stitching, known for its strength and the ability to open flat, offering an uninterrupted expanse for your creativity and reflection.

The cover is a constellation of tarot illustrations, set against a deep, enchanting background, evoking the aura of mystery and destiny that tarot embodies. Secured with a rustic wooden button and black elastic band, this journal is both a tool and a talisman, safeguarding your insights and inspirations.

Whether you are penning daily reflections, sketching lunar phases, or recording tarot readings, this journal is an ideal companion. It’s not just a notebook; it’s a portal to self-discovery, a companion for your spiritual practice, and a chronicle of your personal mythology.

Invite this "Arcana Mystique" Coptic Handmade Journal into your life and let it be the sacred space where your inner oracle speaks. It's the perfect gift for the spiritually inclined, the environmentally conscious, or anyone who appreciates the art of tarot and the timeless practice of journaling.


  • Size: 5.5" wide x 8" long x 1" deep
  • Cover Material: Recycled cardboard  
  • Paper: 100% Tree-free handmade paper
    • 120 gsm weighted paper
    • Off-white color with subtle specks of cotton fiber
  • UNLINED 75 pages
  • Non-refillable

    Note: Color discrepancies may occur in the actual product due to photographic sources or your monitor settings. 



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