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"Wisdom Keeper" Upcycled Leather Handmade Journal with Recycled Paper

"Wisdom Keeper" Upcycled Leather Handmade Journal with Recycled Paper

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Embrace the essence of wisdom and sustainability with our "Wisdom Keeper" Upcycled Leather Handmade Journal. Designed for the thinker, the planner, and the dreamer, this journal is a symbol of knowledge and environmental consciousness wrapped in a mantle of rustic elegance.

The cover of the journal is a work of art, featuring a rich tapestry of amber and brown hues reminiscent of a wise old forest. At its center, an intricately detailed silver owl, the timeless emblem of wisdom, sits perched and vigilant. Framed by ornate silver corners, the design elements combine to create a cover that is both striking and meaningful.

Within its distinguished covers, you will find pages made from 120gsm recycled paper waste—each one a testament to our dedication to the planet. This heavy, quality paper provides a delightful surface that's perfect for writing, sketching, and recording your life's most profound thoughts and revelations.

Our journal's upcycled leather cover not only carries the story of its past life but also contributes to a greener future, reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices. The handcrafted nature of the journal means that no two are exactly alike, each one a unique testament to skilled artisanship.

Ideal for use as a personal diary, a sketchbook, or a thoughtful gift, the "Wisdom Keeper" journal is perfect for those who seek to document their journey with intention and care for the environment. Let this journal be your companion in capturing the narratives of your mind and the observations of your heart.


  • Size: 7" wide x 10" long x 2" deep
  • Cover Material: Recycled Cardboard and Leather
  • Paper: 100% Tree-free handmade paper
    • 120 gsm weighted paper
    • Vintage color with subtle specks of cotton fiber
  • UNLINED 80 pages
  • Non-refillable

    Note: Color discrepancies may occur in the actual product due to photographic sources or your monitor settings

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